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2014 Forum XXVIII
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A unique, free-wheeling format
unlike any seminar you have ever attended!

You are invited to spend one or two days absorbing today's brightest new strategies, techniques and innovative tax-planning concepts and leave with a year's worth of income-generating ideas.

No long, boring lectures! Just sit back and enjoy a rapid-fire interchange among the faculty members on today’s hottest partnership, LLC and S corporation tax issues – simplified, analyzed and brought to life with hands-on demonstrations of actual transactions like those you are likely to encounter.

2014 "Fundamentals of Flow-Through" XIX
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For the essentials in flow-through taxation...

This Seminar is designed for professionals who would like a solid foundation in partnership, LLC and S corporation taxation or who just want to brush up on fundamentals. Our veteran faculty of Chuck Levun and Michael Cohen will utilize their well-developed transactional approach to illustrate the essential elements of flow-through taxation and, of course, will bring the same energy and wit to the Seminar that they have brought to the Forum for the past twenty-seven years.

Presented by CCH, a part of Wolters Kluwer, in conjunction with Charles R. Levun, JD, CPA and consultant to the CCH Partnership Tax Planning and Practice Guide.

Co-sponsored by the Illinois CPA Foundation