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Forum Testimonials

ForumForum Testimonials

"This program always pays for itself many times over, as I can apply many of the items discussed to multiple clients." CPA, 100-person firm.

"Enjoyed its practical application to client issues and matters. One of the best seminars I have attended." Attorney, 175-person firm.

"You just can't find their combination of experience, knowledge and expertise in communication and application of knowledge anywhere else!" CPA, 80-person firm.

"Enjoyed the instructors! They did a great job of presenting complicated materials.  The transaction-oriented format was excellent. This is probably the best training session I've ever been to." Closely held family business owner.

"Cohen and Levun are outstanding presenters who do an excellent job of integrating examples with technical rigor. These materials are the best I've ever seen at integrating new laws/regs/authority with existing materials and examples." CPA, 10-person firm.

"Enjoyed that all instructors participated in each subject, the discussion among them, and the perspectives and presentation that flowed evenly. It was the best seminar I have ever attended." IRS attorney.

"Enjoyed the interchange between the speakers-hands down, the best seminar I have ever attended." CPA, 10-person firm.

"Levun & Cohen are the best tag-team discussion leaders I've ever encountered." Family real estate business owner.

"They are the most creative in the discussion leader business-I talked five tax partners into coming and they loved it." CPA, 140-person firm.

"Enjoyed the interchange between the speakers-hands down, the best seminar I have ever attended." CPA, 10-person firm.

"Great explanations and speaker interaction with each other and audience." Attorney, 150-person firm.

"I enjoyed the cutting-edge planning techniques.... Simply the best program out there." CPA, 50-person firm.

"I especially like the use of practical examples and live transactions as well as the instructors' thoughts. This clearly sets this forum apart from other programs. I also enjoyed the review of the economics of the various transactions! Very well done!!" Employee of investment management firm.

"This is one of the best planned programs I attend each year. The best I should say. Also, the obvious competence of the faculty in presentation makes it #1." CPA, sole practitioner.

"Enjoyed the use of real world situations with structural analysis and alternative solutions to problems. Interaction between panel keeps program interesting." Attorney, 180-person firm.

"Enjoyed the panel approach, interaction between the panelists and audience. Common sense, down to earth approach to tough issues and focus on planning ideas and products." CPA, 70-person firm.

"A great job. Best part is instructors access to questions." Attorney, 12-person firm.

"I liked the team approach and that all stayed involved throughout the program. Covered lots of material in detailed fashion without being boring." Employee, 50-person investment firm.

"The panel is the most knowledgeable and practical of all professional seminars I attend." CPA, 115-person firm.