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"Fundamentals of Flow-Through" - Seminar Testimonials

Seminar"Fundamentals of Flow-Through" XXV Seminar Testimonials

"It was extremely informative just what I had been looking for to expand my knowledge in the area....Helped me to be even more aware of the areas where more in-depth knowledge is required than I have and yet to also be able to do more on my own." Attorney, 45-person firm.

"I enjoyed the transaction approach to learning — it is very, very effective." CPA, 700-person firm.

"Messrs. Levun and Cohen tackle and explain the 704 and 752 rules with very professional workbooks and examples." Attorney, 80-person firm.

"Excellent coverage of the topics; organized and on schedule. First class job on all accounts. Love the approach of emphasizing concepts and transactions." Owner of nursing homes with 27,000 employees.

"I thought the material was presented very well. The interaction between the speakers kept the discussions interesting. Additionally, I found their teaching style to be very informative." CPA, 15-person firm.

"Enjoyed the ability of speakers to mesh rules with practical examples." Attorney, 50-person firm.

"I learned things with immediate value added to my clients." CPA, 25-person firm.

"Enjoyed the ability of the speakers to make difficult subjects interesting." CPA, 64-person firm.

"Enjoyed the depth and easy delivery-very polished-very professional." Attorney, 350-person firm.

"The pace of the program was good. The planning examples were also useful in that they have practical application." CPA, 150-person firm.

"Presenters were excellent and have great presentation skills." CPA, 15-person firm.

"The overall topic range was great. I liked the fact that Chuck and Mike kept the training moving and we did not dwell too long in any given area." CPA, 800-person firm.

"The class was very upbeat and moved along quickly. I enjoyed looking at the BIG picture to help analyze other situations." CPA, 40-person firm.

"Both presenters took difficult subject matters and made them very understandable." CPA, 50-person firm.

"I enjoyed the interaction between the two presenters and casual atmosphere. Good outline and book to use later." Employee of 80-person real estate.

"Excellent presenters. Great materials which will be a valuable reference." Attorney, 150-person firm.